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Garage Door Security


Having an automatic garage door is a convenient modern home feature, offering a helping hand when leaving or returning home. Yet, it can also become a significant security risk if not properly maintained or secured. In the United States, there are approximately three home burglaries every minute, making it crucial to protect your garage door for your peace of mind, whether you’re on vacation, a business trip, or simply away for the day.

From routine garage door maintenance to quick security fixes, follow these steps to ensure the safety of your home and loved ones.  If you live in Ventura County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, the city of Riverside, or the city of Santa Barbara, California, Contact 411 Garage Door today for your garage door security.

1) Don’t Leave Your Garage Door Remote In Your Vehicle

Garage Door SecurityWhile older sun visor garage door openers may seem convenient, they pose a risk to your garage door security. Never leave your garage door remote inside your car, as a car break-in could lead to a costly burglary or even a dangerous home invasion. Instead, keep it with you in a pocket or bag to prevent unauthorized access.

For those who prefer not to carry a bulky remote, consider the next step for a more convenient garage door operation.

2) Invest In A Key Fob Garage Door Opener

Modern technology has miniaturized remote control technology, making garage door operation easier than ever. Invest in a garage door key fob opener that can attach to your keychain. With this compact device, you’ll always have access to your garage door without carrying a bulky remote.

3) Install A Peephole in Your Garage Door

Garage door security is essential even when you’re at home. Install a wide-angle peephole in your garage door to enhance your safety. Whether you’re working in the garage or simply want to investigate any unusual activity outside, this peephole allows you to identify visitors or assess potential threats, keeping you protected.

4) Deadbolt Your Internal Entryway

Garage Door SecurityThe internal entryway from your garage into your home is a common point of access for opportunistic criminals. While a well-maintained and locked garage door can act as a deterrent, additional security is advisable. Install a deadbolt on your internal door and always keep it locked, adding an extra layer of protection.

5) Never Leave Your Garage Door Open

Leaving your garage door open, even when you’re inside, can attract unwanted attention from potential intruders. Ensure that the door is always closed to minimize security risks.

6) Lock Your Garage Door When You’re Away

Forced entry garage door repair is a frequent service in Ventura County, Orange County, Los Angeles County, the city of Riverside, and the city of Santa Barbara, California, due to thieves breaking in within seconds using known techniques. While modern garage doors offer enhanced security, determined criminals can resort to brute force. To bolster security when you’re away for an extended period, padlock your garage door’s throw latch, reducing the risk of forced entry. Additionally, C-clamps on door rails can provide added protection in your absence.

7) Regular Maintenance And Garage Door Repairs

Any malfunction compromises the security of your garage door. If you notice issues with locking, opening, closing, or remote functionality, it’s essential to schedule a garage door repair. Trusted local technicians can conduct a thorough safety and security inspection, ensuring your peace of mind.

411 Garage door services are affordable and are a vital investment in the security of your home and family.

Rely On Your Trusted Garage Door Service

Your home is a significant investment, and safeguarding it is paramount. Regular garage door maintenance and adherence to these security tips will help protect your home. Don’t delay in seeking a trusted garage door repair or maintenance when necessary. Trust the experienced team at 411 Garage Door for 5-star service, with a long history of exceptional customer service and top-quality workmanship. Contact us today for a free garage door repair estimate, ensuring your peace of mind whether you’re at home or away.